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The lips, tongue, and cheeks can all receive an oral piercing; however, this popular trend can actually cause a lot of harm to your mouth. Here are a few of the problems an oral piercing can create.

Chipped Teeth

Having a piece of metal constantly clicking against the teeth of your mouth is bound to cause some damage. Fractured teeth can result from this clicking, and from biting the piercing as well.


There is always the chance of a piercing becoming infected, but in the mouth these chances increase significantly. This is because the mouth is full of oral bacteria which can easily infect the opening created by a piercing.

Gum Disease

An oral piercing increases your chances of getting gum disease because it can harm tissue and cause gingival recession.


Almost all piercings cause swelling, but if there is too much swelling in the mouth, it can make breathing difficult and even completely block the airway.

Tongue Damage

If a piercing damages blood vessels in the tongue, it can cause prolonged bleeding. If a piercing damages the nerve, it can cause permanent numbness which involves a loss of taste and affects how you move the mouth.

Other Problems

If a part of the piercing breaks off, it presents a choking hazard (and other problems if swallowed). You may experience an allergic reaction to the metals in piercings which can also impede dental care by blocking x-rays.